Corporate and Executive Housing

Corporate and Executive Housing

ASI offers the ideal solution for corporate housing and business travel apartments. If you’re planning an extended business trip to Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Tacoma, or Portland, ASI has furnished temporary apartments that will suit your needs.

Long term business travel can be a stressful proposition. Travelling executives need comfortable housing near their workplace, without the hassle of a long apartment hunt or the high cost of a hotel. ASI’s furnished apartments are the perfect home away from home for business travelers seeking comfortable and luxurious apartments as well as an easy apartment search process.

Our units are luxuriously outfitted and fully equipped, including modern amenities and complete furnishings. We have many units available, to ensure an easy commute to your temporary workplace. Additionally, our friendly and experienced staff are always ready to help with any special needs or custom requests you have in order to make your temporary apartment a home.

Are you planning an extended business trip? Want to learn more about our available corporate housing? Please Contact Us today for a free consultation. 

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