Relocation Rentals

Relocation Rentals

Moving can be a costly and stressful process. For individuals or families relocating to Seattle, there are many issues to consider in making the move as safe and simple as possible.

One important issue to consider is accommodations during your move to Seattle. For those relocating to Seattle from another city, or even another country, it may take days or even weeks to find a new apartment and completely settle in.

To make the move possible, you’ll need accommodations throughout your move to Seattle. While many people might consider staying in a hotel, this can be costly, and staying for weeks in a hotel can be uncomfortable.

If you’re in this position and planning a relocation to Seattle, ASI can help. We offer a wide range of relocation rentals for those planning a move to Seattle. We also service the Portland, Everett, Bellevue, and Tacoma regions. Our apartments are fully furnished, and come equipped with the latest in modern conveniences and amenities.

We offer a wide selection of apartments, designed to suit single individuals, families, pets, and special needs. Our apartments are luxurious and affordable, offering great discounts compared to most hotels.

Additionally, our team of relocation experts is always available to help with custom needs and special requests. We have years of experience providing relocation apartments in Seattle, and can help with almost any issue.

Planning your move? Get in touch with our experts today for a free consultation and an opportunity to view our available units. 

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