Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments

A serviced apartment in Seattle is the perfect solution for any visitor to Seattle that needs the comfort and ease of modern furnishings and amenities, with the privacy and cost savings of an apartment instead of a hotel.

Whatever your reason for spending time in Seattle, a serviced apartment is sure to make your stay more pleasant, enjoyable, and affordable. ASI is also proud to offer serviced apartments in Portland, Tacoma, Everett, and Bellevue.

ASI offers an amazing selection of serviced apartments designed to meet the needs of almost any traveler to Seattle. Our units come fully furnished and ready to be lived in, and many of our apartment communities come equipped with luxurious amenities such as pools, spa, gym, and business centers.

Our serviced apartments range from studio apartments for single travelers, to large, multi-bedroom units ideal for families. Many of our serviced apartments will accept pets, and the ASI team is very experienced at handling custom requests and unique needs.

The experts at ASI have been managing serviced apartments for years. Contact Us today for a free consultation, and let us make your time in Seattle and beyond as comfortable and convenient as possible. 

Serviced Apartment Seattle