Exploring Everett: What to See During Your Stay In Everett

Extended Stay EverettEverett is a dynamic and scenic tourist destination, featuring great waterfront activities, many excellent outdoors activities, and an invigorating culture. Everett is home to some of the best salmon fishing in the world, and has the largest public marina on the west coast. For travelers looking for an all-American, natural waterfront experience, Everett makes a great travel destination.

At ASI, our team of furnished apartment specialists has been operating short term rental properties in Everett for several years. Over time, we’ve come to experience some of the city’s great attractions – some of the can’t-miss sights of Everett include –

  • The Boeing Factory TourEverett is home to an enormous Boeing factory – in fact, Everett’s Boeing factory is the largest building in the world! Visitors can tour the factory and watch as 747s, 767, and 777 are assembled. Visitors will also learn more about the flight industry, the history of aviation, and more.
  • The Everett Children’s Museum. One of Everett’s most popular destinations for children and parents alike, the Everett Children’s Museum is a great attraction for children to both have fun and learn from the Museum’s educational exhibits. The wide range of exhibits means that all ages of kids will find something fun.
  • Explore the Outdoors. Everett is known for natural beauty, and offers lots of great outdoors activities. Whether you’re an ambitious adventurer, or you prefer to relax, Everett’s outdoor activities offer something for everyone. Best of all, there’s great outdoor activities available all year long. From hiking, fishing, and boating in the summer, to skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, travelers to Everett will always find something fun outdoors.

If you’re coming to visit Everett for a while – either for business, pleasure, or both, the team at ASI is ready to help with your temporary accommodation needs. Our team has years of experience in short term Everett furnished extended stay apartment rentals – Contact Us today to get a free consultation and review our furnished units in Everett. 

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